How To Apply For US K1 Visa

Generally there are specific names and terms given to name of visa. Understanding needs and requirements of people various types of US visas categories are offered. K1 visa is official name for the fiancé visa that is if you want to travel to USA to marry your fiancé, you are required to do it with the help of k1 visa application form. There is however a certain limit of days are given to immigrant in which marriage should take place otherwise the visa is cancelled. If you want to marry your fiancé, you are now able to do it with the help of US k1 visa.

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There are some eligibility requirements which must be met before applying for visa which are mentioned here as well as step guide for applying this visa efficiently.

Eligibility for US visa

If the US resident is interested in getting into relation with his or her fiancé, he is able to apply for visa, which allows him this action through offering k1 visa. You must be however serious in getting into relationship as otherwise, your fiancé is unable to stay in the US after ninety days that is three months. If you are already married and laws do not allow you to do the second marriage, you must be free of any other serious relation. Once you are able to meet the requirements, you are able to marry your fiancé. There is no age limit for your fiancé when you are applying for it.

Step guide for getting visa

1. Making a appeal
Once you have decided that you want to marry your fiancé in the US region, you are require to make a appeal in form of petition. This is the basic step, however once completed, your request is automatically transferred to visa embassy.

2. Visa process
Once the appeal is efficiently filed and reaches to visa center, the process is entered into second stage of getting the visa. A formal letter in form of email most of the time or posted letter is received by person, whom you have mentioned as your fiancé. He/she gets date for the visa interview and he can answer in the interview about the purpose of going to US. In case of already married, your fiancé documents must be clear showing him, he is not legally involved in any other relation.


3. preparing necessary documents
Before appearing for the interview, your fiancé must ensure all the additional documents are secured with him/her. If any legal documents or photographs are required, they must also be ensured for the interview.

4. Preparing for interview
Before a person is going for interview, he is requiring clearing his medicals tests. This does not consist of single test, as it involves multiple tests, which must be taken in labs, having medical certificate from the specific government. The tests must be updates and date must be shown as old tests are not taken appropriate. These all requirements are also mentioned in the letter so that you can check it and read the entire letter before going for it. You can get more information about K1 Visa from this website.