How about sailing and island hopping in the beautiful country of Croatia

Thinking of a romantic honeymoon getaway but can not decide where to go? How about sailing and island hopping in the beautiful country of Croatia?

Adriatic coast is the warmest area of Croatia. The best time to sail it’s beautiful islands is in the month of July. It is best to go there during the warm season so you can enjoy sailing and island hopping its beautiful scenery.

Where can you go to enjoy sailing and island hopping in Croatia?

The answer is very simple, Split. You can book a flight to Split where international flights land. From the mainland, sailing the islands can be arranged. It is just you who needs to decide according to your preference and budget. There are plenty of ferry operators that you can choose from. You do not necessarily have to book a ticket ahead of time. You have the option to just go to the port, decide which islands you want to explore or sail to, choose a ferry, hop in and sail away.


Islands such as Korcula, Vis and Hvar are just a few of the islands you can explore while sailing. Among the islands mentioned most tourist prefer to go to Vis to experience the extinct Mediterranian way of living.

Vis boasts of its majestic hidden beaches, crystal clear water and hospitable hosts. A fusion of wine, history and culture is what you will definitely remember.

On the island of Vis, you will find what is considered the cradle of fishing in the Adriatic, Komiza. You can learn the way of life of Vis fishermen by visiting the Fishing museum. Aside from the fishing culture, thousands of tourist flock to Komiza because of the famous Blue Cave or Modra spilja.

Wines. What can be more romantic than sharing a glass of wine with the person you love the most? If you want to taste the famous white wine Vis Vugava, you can choose among a wide array of wine cellars and restaurants in the island.

Beaches. There a lot of beaches that you can enjoy in Vis. Pebble beaches plus pristine clear water equals fun. Some of the beaches are isolated which makes the honeymooners time together more romantic. If you are more of the daring type of couples, you and your loved one can try going to the nudist beach “Templuz”, “Storo posta” and “Novo posta” located near the town of Komiza.

You can unleash the party animal in you by experiencing the nightlife in the beaches of “Kamenice” (located in the town of Komiza and “Grandovac” located in the town of Vis.

Did I mention that Vis was a military port? Yes, it was a military port and was isolated since it is startegically located. Because of such isolation, it preserved the island’s traditional architecture, nature and beautiful beaches. Having said that, can you now imagine what your honeymoon will be like if you choose to go to Croatia?

Now that you have an idea of what an exciting, fun and romantic getaway you can have by sailing and island hopping in Croatia, all you have to do is to pack your bags.