Best Things to Do in Key West

Key West is the southernmost city of USA, famous because of its beautiful oasis and crystal water. Amazing architecture, lively nightlife, beaches and bars have made it the best place to visit, especially when you the seek peace of mind after a hectic routine as everything in Key West is interesting and even the town cemetery presents the offbeat sense of humor of the inhabitants. The written statements on the gravestones like ‘I know where he is sleeping tonight’ and ‘Now I can speak freely’ spread a smile on the reader’s faces. Apart from visiting the graveyard, there are many interesting things to do in the key west.

Water Sports

Key West has no comparison in its water sports activities. There is no limit of fun and pleasure as everything has a class. The presence of a large number of beaches and marine life make it perfect for swimming, diving, snorkeling and charter fishing. Different organizations conduct dolphin watch trips, jet ski tours and dramatic underwater overhangs which provide a chance for visitors to experience the real marine life as well as collect unforgettable memories with their friends and family. Key West is the first choice of adventure lovers as all beaches have different depth where swimmers and divers can explore their adventure skills. Moreover, the artificially sunk reef is a shelter for many marine animals which let you spectacle the unusual view of the inner water.

Live Music

Live music and concerts are the part of the beach life. The sound of waves, romantic couples, dancing youngsters, melody and amazing food feel you like you’re in a world of fantasy and your all dreams have come true. Moreover, several bars also present near the beaches of Key West which pursue you to come and kick up your heels.

Restaurants and Bars

Restaurants and bars offer seasonal seafood while there are many others which offer gourmet food, Italian, Chinese, Mexican and Japanese food with high-class quality and in affordable price. Almost all restaurants have their own in-house eateries while enormous vendors provide delicious food items on small streets and lanes. According to a rough calculation, there are over 240 bars and restaurants present in 2 by 4-mile island.

Theaters and Art Galleries

Eventful movies, live dramas, performances and top tier music available 24/7 in the theaters of Key West, where thousands of tourists daily enjoy the skills of the national and international stars. Similarly, the art galleries keep splendid masterpieces of art which effortlessly grab the attention of the visitors and collect appreciation from them. Tropic Cinema, Key West Theater, Red Barn Theater are some famous and top class theaters while Wyland Gallery of Key West, Key West Gallery and South Pointe Gallery are worth seeing.


Natural beauty is spread all over the Key West while the tourist-friendly arrangements by the local management has made it the first choice for both the tourists and the businessmen. Business opportunities, ocean activities, and adventure prove it’s the best place for all age groups.