Fiji Beaches the Gateways to Enjoyment!

Fiji is an country of about 332 Islands in the South Pacific Ocean. It’s approximately 1,100 nautical miles northeast of New Zealand’s North Island.

The Country has tropical climate and considered as the best Place in the Pacific. Fiji has become one of the most developed economies in the Pacific because of plenty of forest, mineral, and fish resources. Nowadays, the main source of revenue to Fiji is its tourism industry
The Beautiful beaches of Fiji offer wonderful Backgrounds for film production industry and amazing Scenes of Natural Beauty attract millions of Tourists from all around the World. Tourists gets a lot of Pleasure from blue waters, white sandy beaches, tropical rainforests, lakes, rivers and waterfalls.


1. Film Industry & Fiji Beaches:
The Beaches of Fiji have become the favorite destination for Film makers. It is because of the reduced Production Cost, Beneficial exchange rate and direct flight connections from the, New Zealand, Australia, Asia and the United States. Such benefits make Fiji the amazing country in the South Pacific.
Fiji has modern set of filming incentives. The country has developed latest system for film Industry. So the Producers will always get a deluxe team in Fiji that is fully Updated with global trends in filming equipment and strategies .The newest News is a tremendous 47% filming rebate. That is well-defined rise from the already excellent last estimate of 35%. The Fiji Beaches are focused for film production but are also used for advertisements.


2. Best Beaches of Fiji:
All Fiji beaches are unique in their habitat, the pursuits tourists will experience in each Beach are different and of course, most are dotted with Fiji beach resorts providing a number of other travel programs and beach trip fun activities.
So there are many things to consider when you are going to figure out the Best Beaches of Fiji, such as Comfortable Hotels, Delicious Food, Fun Plates, Medical Facilities, and distance from the nearest Airport etc.
While selecting the beach in Fiji you simply must consider the various areas of Fiji beaches and exactly what these Fijian beaches can offer so you can make a wise selection that on which beach you would like to tour around or which Fiji beach Hotel you wish to book.
On the Experiences of tourists these 3 Beaches can be the best choice for Beach Tourism in the Fiji.

Nadi Beach

Nadi Bech is considered as one of the best beach in Fiji. The Sea Waves are abundant in Nadi but still the beach Safe for Tourism. The tourists can enjoy the wonderful scenes of natural beauty in Nadi Beach.
Coral Coast

Coral Cost the the Perfect beach for the tourists who want to enjoy within Budget. Coral Cost is also popular among the Fijian’s. The Amazing Scenes of white coral mixed with sandy areas can’t be described in Words.

Kadavu beaches

Kadavu is amazing beach is 1 Km of soft white sand and Blue Water. The Beaches of Kadavu are popular because of excellent tourism facilities so the tourists can enjoy their trip with comfort.

There are many more Beaches in Fiji but it depend on the nature of Tourist that which kind of Beach he likes!