All Inclusive Travel Packages Vs. Planning on Your Own

It’s an age-old question for travelers everywhere: what’s the best way to travel? With so many options out there, you want to make sure that not only your funds are being spent wisely but that your time off is too. Here’s what to consider before you pull out your credit card.

The Impetuous Blues

Taking a trip without a plan can sometimes be the most incredible experience in the world, there’s no doubt about this. However, spontaneity works both ways. It can mean chancing upon your favorite movie star at a hidden waterfall, or it could mean that you wind up walking 14 miles to find the waterfall and then are too tired to go anywhere else the rest of the vacation. Chances are, it’s actually more likely to work against you. If you’re not a person who wants to plan, then your best bet is to go with a travel package.

Full Plans Ahead

There are a certain amount of people out there who enjoy the process of mapping out destinations, finding activities and organizing it all which is perfectly understandable. Just remember, it is a lot to keep track of because every region has its own quirks. That museum that says it’s open on Mondays may have had an outdated website, and the restaurant you’re dying to try may be closed for a private event. If you are the type of person who tracks down every last detail, also consider that with a group it’s difficult to keep everyone on the same plan. If you’re going with a spouse or a small family though, then you would likely be better planning it on your own.


Cost Concerns

Packages are tricky because it looks like a huge upfront cost, but you may not realize just how much money you’ll spend on your own. Every drink you order, activity you plan and mile you drive can cause you to look at your statement next month and gasp. Now take into account emergency situations that may arise if something goes wrong in your plans, and the costs may be insurmountable. Those who are extremely conscious of their budget and spending habits will likely do just fine, but who wants to pull out a calculator on a vacation?


Keeping It Real

As a traveler, you need to be honest with yourself before you decide where to go and what to do. If you’re going to feel constricted with a package, then it will cause you to resent your vacation. If you want to try only food and activities that you find when you’re with a tour group, then you’ll wind up paying for both the package and your own activities. Just remember though that packages often avoid the other types of moments that can ruin vacations too like getting lost and driving for hours in the wrong direction or missing out on the most scenic places in an area.

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