5 gifts to give for Valentine’s Day in Thailand

Valentine’s Day is really an awesome and special day for those who feel and realize the importance of love in their life no matter they belong to any part of the world. Every nation in each country have its own tradition but everybody understand the love signs and like this in Thailand Valentine’s day is quite a comparatively new day off. Thailand is such a land where almost 10 years ago the natives have no charms in celebrating Valentine’s Day or not involving in love affairs as compared to the other part of the world.

With the interaction from global community and a lot of cultural consciousness a prominent change is seen in the Thai nation. Currently, if we observe especially in young couples there is an exchange of giving flowers, chocolates, different kinds of gifts and also very frankly going on romantic dates and celebrating your love with full passion is become a part of Thai culture. At the present Valentine’s Day is celebrated transversely all main cities in Thailand, no doubts flirting is also a part of this love life of Bangkok as well as in other cities too.

Thai movie or TV drama plays a big role in changing this difference as they arise an atmosphere of love which is a part of daily life on worldwide. In Thailand Valentine’s Day become a popular unofficial holiday. Couples are on holidays or whether they celebrate their honeymoon they must focus on these five kinds of stuff to express the feeling of love to their spouse.


Fresh Flowers:

Flowers are always related to conveying the deep feelings of love to your partner and no doubts it’s a best romantic gift for a female. Sometimes it can happen that you cannot indicate yours feelings to your other half then flower can demonstrate all your feelings to other. A flower always brings a smile on the face of your spouse. You can give any kind of flowers like lilies, orchids and daisy but no one can beat roses, especially red roses for your valentine on the Valentine’s Day.

Teddy bears:

Teddy bears always grab the attraction of anyone especially females, as usually Thai’s women adore big stuffed teddy bears, thus sending a teddy

bear as a gift will really make happy your love one. Just imagine! When your partner will receive a simple cute white teddy bear gripping a sweet red rose then how much she will impress with you as well as give you a warm welcome too.

Heart shaped candy:

Sweets, whatever chocolate or heart- shaped candy always consider a sign of attraction and love for others. Generally pink candy or love hearts are very much popular and ruminate a part of Valentine’s Day in all over the world.

Romantic dinner:

On Valentine’s Day, a lot of restaurants proposing a special valentine dinner for couples like candle light dinner and some offer a little bit of formal dinner but serving a good food in a full pleasure atmosphere.

Weekend breakout:

Absolutely there are a lot of fun places in Thailand to take a weekend retreat with your spouse. White sandy beaches which are located near Hua Hin or head down to Krabi are the best choice to celebrate your weekend on the event of valentine. In Thailand, several national parks have at ease cabins and it’s the best place to spend time with your partner in nature together. Chiang Mai, making merit in the golden temples is also another best option to make your valentine day special!