5 Famous Places You Can Access with Car Rental in Milan

Milan is a popular city in the northern part of Italy and is known globally for being the mother of fashion and design. It is among the top 30 richest cities in the world, implying that most visitors here love to do shopping of a lifetime because it has everything they need and want. You could be an enthusiastic collector of many items but in Milan, you will never miss to find something that captivates. From music, art, cathedrals, museum and fashion, everyone should consider visiting this.

If you happen to be in Milan, you should know the wonderful places to be and the gorgeous things you’ll have to check out when you take car rental in Milan. But to make your exploration a convenient one, you should consider taking the ultimate means of transport that lets you arrive to the various areas in and around Milan.

Opting for Car Rental in Milan

Visitors in Milan will come from various countries in the world, including those in the US and Europe, by air. Some even come from Asia and Africa. In short, travelers don’t necessary have a car of their own that they take from their home nation to Milan. If you’re one of these adventurers, you don’t have to board the public vehicles in order to reach the awesome places Milan has to offer. All you need is to book a car rental in Milan. As long as you have a valid driving license from your home country, the entire booking process will be easy for you.


You can then check out these great destinations!

1.      Duomo di Milano or Milan Cathedral 

It’s in the heart of Milan, making it one of the city’s most popular sites. The interior done on this Roman Catholic church will take you away. You can take a brief walk inside and even go up the stairs to reach the Duomo roof. Another thing to see is the “The Last Supper” icons as depicted by Leonardo Da Vinci.

2.      La Scala Opera House

 If you are an opera fan, then finding your way to this place can be great because you can watch live performances. The La Scala museum is also the home for arts that are linked to famous masters of their time.

3.      High-Street Shopping Destinations 

You may have heard or even see several designer apparel that are made in Italy.  Now it’s your turn to buy them directly from the designers themselves right in their fashion and design home. There are many boutiques, fashion stores and chain stores you can check out in Milan. You will be able to window shop or even buy the brands from Gucci, Ferragamo and Valentino, among others. If you want affordable but fancy wear, drive your car rental in Milan to Via Dante and Corso Buenos Aires where you can find superb deals.

4.     Brera Picture Gallery

If you love artworks by famous artist of the older generation, this is the ultimate place to be. Since it’s found in Brera area, this will take about 30 minutes of driving. You will have no problem getting to the area thanks to Google maps and the provided directions.

5.      Italian Heritage 

You can also drive on major roads as you pay attention to the beautiful buildings and ancient structures which defines Roman Catholic. This can be ideal when you have a driver with your car rental in Milan so that he will do the driving while you enjoy watching the magnificent structures as you pass them by.

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